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Established in Canada.
Obtained the FINTRAC MSB regulatory license from the Canadian Financial Regulatory Body in 2019.

    Regulated Service Includes:
  • Foreign exchange transactions
  • Wire transfer & remittance
  • Bank draft & money order
  • Traveler's cheque
  • Cryptocurrency transactions

OMODI Artificial Intelligent Quantitative System

OMODI as an Artificial Intelligent Quantitative System.
OMODI utilizes advanced mathematical models in trading that replace human subjective judgment. With an automated trading software that uses computing technology and big data, OMODI employs strategic quantitative trading strategy across top exchange. Example: Quantitative and Spot Trading on Huobi

After years of development and vigorous testing by our technical team, OMODI manages to combine both logical thinking and blockchain technology into one integrated, error-free quantitative trading strategy.



AI Bot Trading

  • Foreign exchange transactions
  • Wire transfer & remittance
  • Bank draft & money order
  • Traveler's cheque
  • Cryptocurrency transactions

Futures & Margin Trading

  • Hong Kong Fund Protection
  • Easy Entry & Exit
  • Partner with OMODI Research Institute
  • Futures & Margin Trading
  • Daily Transaction Data

Financial Security

You have access to your personal account and the security supervision of a legal institution, therefore there is little to worry about capital risks.

Easily Promotable

Ever since blockchain became a trend in the finance world, transaction has never been easier.The company's profit is based on 3/7 share after clients make their earning.

Three Way Win-Win

A reasonable bonus sharing mechanism to ensure a win-win situation for customers, market and technology


Private Sales Only | Thousand-fold Return Potential | A+B Pool Guarantee Return Generating Triple Profits
Thousand-fold Return Is But A Step Away!

I-Alpha Cross Coins Intelligence Robot System ( ICCI Robot System )

I-Alpha Cross Coins Intelligent Robot System is a new product developed by OMODI Intelligent Technology Group that is about to make a huge impact in the blockchain world.

    I-Alpha is built on 3 core technologies :
  • Advanced search strategy planning (Strategy Policy Network);
  • Intelligent machine connections (Fast Rollout);
  • Network with global transaction databases, and is carefully created through value network management strategies.

I-Alpha Cross Coins Trading

    3 Advantages of I-Alpha Cross Coins Trading :
  • Unique Technology

    I-Alpha Intelligent Robot System Technology, first in the world in cross coins trading, uses fiber optic speed technology to make uninterrupted and stable profits, satisfying global users’ earning expectations

  • Magnam soluta odio exercitationem reprehenderi

    Having a large data base is a key strategy to become wealthy. The era of combining 5G technology and high-speed fiber optic networks is approaching. We have developed a powerful and rapid transaction execution and profit taking system in which 150 to 300 transactions can be executed within milliseconds at extremely high speed!

  • Strong Risk Control

    Mastering the key advantages of technology and speed indicates the ability to hold more market dominancy and avoiding the risk of funds being trapped, forced liquidation and got rug-pulled or played by the sucker!

3 Major Benefits in Joining OMODI

Financial Freedom | Spiritual Wealth | Time Autonomy


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OMODI Intelligent Trading Strategy

Trailing Take Profit

Trailing Take Profit is a two-step process(Tracking + Trading). Tracking will start once the set retracement threshold and condition is met. Once retracement conditions are met, the bot will trade in every 0.05 seconds!

Multiple Take Profit

Whenever take profit ratio exceeds a certain threshold during the rapid rise of price, the bot will re-adjust the retracement ratio value, attempting to maximize the profit.


Trading in the cryptocurrency market is very similar to stock trading, but there are differences to be aware of. Crypto market runs 24/7 as opposed to traditional market and there is no restriction on price movement. An unforeseen event in the market could catch traders by surprise. This stresses the importance of Anti-Waterfall strategy mechanism,which prevents increasing positions and placing orders during the event of a rapid price fall in the market.

Trailing Position

Open Position Interval•Retracement ratio
Both criteria must be met in order to start increasing position size, hence averaging down the position price.